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Answermatic automatically handles your employees most common queries, so that your HR team can focus on meaningful work.

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HR requests

Hire an HR chatbot to boost your employee experience

Respond instantly 24/7

Respond instantly 24/7

Don't let employees wait! Answermatic provides instant answers to most of their common queries.

Simple to setup

Simple to setup

Answermatic requires no-code, and you can launch your HR virtual assistant in no time.



Support your employees with personality. Add your tone of voice to your answers and keep them updated over time.

Chatbot replies to queries

Automate 30% of your incoming queries in just 30 days

Automate your Frequently Asked Questions

Save your HR team from repetitive questions and free them to prioritise high-value conversations that truly delight employees.

FAQ answermatic
Employees quick pulse

Easily run quick pulse surveys via chat

Enhance engagement and productivity of your employees with simple conversational feedback.

Send internal announcements

Schedule and send internal announcements to all or a subset of your employees so everyone is up to date on the latest!

Employee announcements
Answermatic analytics

Powerful chatbot analytics

Understand how your employees interact with the chatbot and improve it over time thanks to our powerful analytics.

Support your employees on all channels

Answermatic chatbot integrates with all the employees communication channels your customers us

Start automating your employees conversations today

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